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May 2024

Topic: Authorized Unauthorized Entry: A Security Mission

Step into the world of adversarial simulation challenges at “Authorized Unauthorized Entry,” an exclusive dinner event sponsored by ISC2 and Secureworks. Participants are invited to assist Infalibillius Medical Systems, a cutting-edge startup, in testing and enhancing their security systems through a series of adversary simulations and tasks.

Mission Highlights:

  • Lock Mastery Challenge: Dive into action by tackling a variety of high-security and standard locks. Learn to bypass everything from robust American locks to simple door mechanisms. Successful participants who can outsmart these locks will be rewarded.
  • Wireless Offense Tactics: Uncover vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth setups to protect Infalibillius Medical Systems’ sensitive data. Participants will use techniques like deauthentication attacks, evil twin setups, and explore Bluetooth hijacking with modern tools. The first to crack the network’s defenses and secure the Wi-Fi password will receive a prize.
  • Badge Cloning Operation: Assist in fortifying the facility’s access control by mastering RFID cloning with Proxmark devices. Manipulate card data to simulate an intruder’s attempt to gain unauthorized access, and the team that opens the “door” will be celebrated.
  • Intrusion Simulation Workshop: Participants will engage in a hands-on session to retrieve and safeguard credentials within the facility’s network. Teams will attempt to navigate from perimeter defenses to the data center without detection, using tools like BashBunny and techniques for kiosk escapes. A significant reward awaits the team that demonstrates exemplary skill in securing domain authority.

Join us for an evening of strategic challenges and networking with peers over a delightful dinner. This event is not just about breaking in—it’s about building resilience and safeguarding the future of Infalibillius Medical Systems. Prepare for a memorable night of learning, competition, and camaraderie at Authorized Unauthorized Entry. Brought to you by Secureworks, ISC2 Hawaii and v3ga.

Location: 643 Ilalo St, Honolulu, HI 96813

Date and Time: May 24th 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Doors open at 5:30pm

ISC2 Hawaii and ISSA Members: FREE

Students, First Time Attendees, and Chapter Sponsors: FREE

Non-Members: $20

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