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Aloha Cybersecurity Enthusiasts!

(ISC)² Hawaii will be at BSides Hawaii! Come find our booth, win some prizes, and chat us up.

We will also be sponsoring the BSides Hawaii CTF with the theme of “War Games”!

Shall we play a game of Global Thermonuclear War? Good thing this BSides isn’t in Las Vegas! (ISC)² Hawaii is about to drop some seriousCTF bombs to test your hacking skills! There will be acceptablelosses. Some of you will perish, but this is a sacrifice we are willing to make. We’ve got more flags than the United Nations, andchallenges that would make a rogue AI trying to end the world cry. So grab yourkeyboards, chug that caffeine like there’s no tomorrow, and unleashyour inner hacker! Only the greatest will survive and bathe in eternalfame and glory but be warned: Perhaps the only winning move is not toplay. How about a nice game of chess instead?

CPEs will be given to players who register on the CTF platform.
So if you participate, please use your real full name and a legit email address.

See you there!

For more information, go to here.

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