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Aloha Membership,

We are helping promote the Horizon Cybersecurity CISO/CIO Summit and Tech Venture Forum from Oct 1-6 in Oahu at Turtle Bay resort. https://www.cisoevents.com/?MA/

You can participate in one or both events as an attendee, speaker, presenter or sponsor.  You will network and give product demos to over 100 Global Fortune 500 CISOs, CIOs and CXOs  including Walmart, Amazon, and Capital One at Turtle Bay in Hawaii. You can also host special events such as a Luau or Golf round for selected guests we invite from our audience.  

If your group is a corporate sponsor of the CISO/CIO Summit, then you can bring startups to pitch at no cost for the venture forum; or your GPs can also present to LPS who are seeking to invest in tech funds.

The Cybersecurity summit is Oct 1-4 from noon on Oct 1 to 4pm on Oct 4. The Tech Venture Forum  and Demo Showcase begins on Oct 4 at 8pm with an opening reception in the Demo Showcase until Oct 6 at 9pm. At that program, early and advanced startups will pitch to investors CISOs, CIOs,  VCs, angels and corporate investors. You can choose to pitch for funding or instead demo your product to recruit customers and sales.

If interested, please contact Zahava Stroud, founder of Angel Launch at zahava@angellaunch.com.

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There are several options of how you can participate.

Apply for Comp Ticket to Attend or Speak if you are a CISO, CIO or CXO:
If you are a senior security officer or CXO for private industry, nonprofit or government, you are eligible for free admission to the conference and covered travel expenses.  Your request will be reviewed by our team. You can also apply to speak. Vendors must purchase a ticket or sponsor to speak.

Speak with One Day Speaking Pass. $5000
We allow vendors to speak or sponsor. If you purchase a speaking pass, you get 30 minutes to present from the main stage and a one day pass Oct 2 or 3. You should discuss industry trends or give a case study, and not focus on a product demo which is only allowed for sponsors.  Full sponsors can attend the entire event.

Purchase Ticket to Attend.
Cybersecurity Summit Oct 1-4 $4000

Tech Venture Forum/Demo Showcase Oct 4- 6: $3000

Both Events  Oct 1-6: $ 5,700

Sponsor for Vendors, Corporate Partners, Tech Solution Providers or Startups

You can sponsor and speak for 30 minutes, get VIP tickets, attend all social activities and meals, host a round of golf or luau, and receive the entire attendee list.

Sponsor for VC Funds or Incubators.
We allow VC funds to sponsor or bring in your portfolio vendors to sponsor and give you full access.  If you have advanced growth portfolio companies in cybersecurity and SaaS services that sponsor at a higher level, then you can bring your venture partners and startups to attend and present at the venture forum at no extra charge.  Startups can also give demos to CISOs.  Contact us for more details.

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